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Cluster-of-Hearts Chinchilla Toy
Product Name Cluster-of-Hearts Chinchilla Toy
Product ID : Timali Valentine Day Gift Feb. 14th
Manufacturer : Timali & Co
Price : $10.00
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  Category : New Items
  Description : Chinchilla Toy - Allow your favorite chinchilla (or other small animal) to enjoy Valentine's Day too! The Cluster-of-Hearts hanging chinchilla toy is completely chewable! Chinchilla's teeth continually grow. Chinchillas can keep their teeth trimmed by chewing on wood toys. Toys provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and a natural outlet for stress. We recommend rotating toys every week or so to maintain your chinchilla's interest and curiosity. We offer a wide range of toys to keep your chinchilla(s) constantly entertained.

Manufacture states all woods, dyes, and glues are safe and non toxic.

Note: this product ships on Mondays and Fridays via UPS or USPS

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