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Hanging Hay Rack
Product Name Hanging Hay Rack
Product ID : Timali 8220
Manufacturer : Timali & Co
Price : $8.00
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  Description : This toy is great for the chinchilla whose two favorite past times are eating and playing. Four dowel rods fixed between wooden wafers provide a great way to get hay up off the floor so that it stays clean. We add more chewable pieces to the top of the toy to complete the look. Hanging Hay Rack can hang from the top or side of the chinchilla enclosure. Approximately 8" long. Also available in a natural wood finish. ( note: hay not included )

Chinchilla's teeth continually grow. Chinchillas can help keep their teeth trimmed by chewing on wood toys. Toys provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and a natural outlet for stress. We recommend rotating toys every week to maintain your chinchilla's interest and curiosity. We offer a wide range of toys to keep your chinchilla(s) constantly entertained.

We also encourage people to purchase a play center for their small pets. Play centers give chinchillas a safe place to play and hide, both in and out of their enclosures. Rabbits, and other members of the rodent family also love to chew and play. Our toys are safe for them as well.

Manufacture states all woods, dyes, and glues are safe and non toxic.

Note: this product ships on Mondays and Fridays via UPS or USPS

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Description : This colorful hay manger provides a great way to keep your chinchillas cage and hay clean.
Easily attaches to the side of your cage.
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