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Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay 15oz
Product Name Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay 15oz
Product ID : Oxbow Hay 101-104-0150
Manufacturer : Oxbow Hay Company
Price : $4.39
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  Category : Chinchilla Hay
  Description : Oxbow Hay Company Orchard Grass Hay

Orchard Grass is a green, fruity-smelling grass hay which many small animals enjoy. To the untrained eye, it looks identical to timothy grass, but the seed heads have a different shape.

Orchard Grass is a perennial cool season grass with flat leaf blades. The leaves vary in color from green to bluish-green depending on the maturity of the plant. The lower surface of the leaf is not shiny; and leaf sheaths can be somewhat rougher to the touch than timothy.

Orchard Grass is recommended by veterinarians for small herbivores due to the nutritional content. Orchard Grass can be mixed with other grass hays when feeding your pet. This is encouraged because animals seem to like the variety. Mixing your grasses will encourage them to eat more hay, which is beneficial to the health of the animal.

Hay is absolutely vital to the health of small herbivores. Orchard Grass also provides a long-strand fiber source that is needed to improve the digestive and intestinal functions by stimulating the digestive system. When animals are fed free-choice hay, it promotes their natural chewing behavior, which helps prevent molar spurs and other dental problems that are so common in these small herbivores.

  • Alternative grass hay
  • High in fiber
  • Very soft grass hay
  • Encourages natural chewing behavior
  • Fruity smelling hay animals love

Feeding Directions:

  • Growing Animals : Unlimited amounts
  • Mature Animals : Unlimited amounts

Orchard Grass can be fed free choice to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other herbivores as an alternative to timothy, oat, and brome. Free-choice means that the feed is available at all times.

Hay should be used not only for nutritional purposes, but also for mental stimulation and the promotion of natural foraging behavior. Try feeding hay in new and inventive ways to increase consumption.

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis Ingredients

  • Crude Protein (min) ...................................7.00%
  • Crude Fat (min) .........................................1.50%
  • Crude Fiber (min) ......................................32.00%
  • Moisture (max) ..........................................15.00%


100% Orchard Grass Hay

(All grass hays timothy, orchard, oat and brome have approximately the same nutritional analysis listed above. Due to soil and growing conditions ,these values are not exact, but general values.)

Net Weight 15oz. (425 grams)

Note: All products are packaged by the manufacture to ensure quality and freshness.

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