Naming Contest Results would like to thank everyone who suggested names for the curly chinchillas. Many excellent, imaginative and educated entries were submitted from around the globe.

The winning name is Locken!

The Locken mutation is an ebony-linked mutation. However, we did not include reference to the ebony color in the name because of naming confusion within the hybrids. For example, if we called the gene Lockig Ebonhoz (curly ebony), the name would not fit well for ebony hybrids such as the curly tan. But, because this gene does have a color link, 'Locken' gives it the distinction of being a specific curly gene (this particular curly gene from Germany), and also fits well with the naming of hybrids, i.e. TOV Ebony Locken, Tan Locken, White Mosaic Royal Persian Angora Locken, etc... Additionally, the name Locken has already been adopted in parts of Germany, and using the same name in the US gives the mutation more global consistancy, and also acknowledges the origin of the mutation.

The Locken curly gene is a color-dependent gene. Therefore, a name that applies to color-independent curly genes in other animal breeds, like Suri or Rex, though possibly appropriate for a future color-independent curly mutation in chinchillas, is probably not the best name for this particular ebony-linked curly gene.

The first of several entries to give reference to the word Locken, and therefore the winner of the naming contest and the Chinchilla Millennia VI Slider Necklace is:

from the USA: the "Lockig Ebonhoz" (which is german for "curly ebony")
10/23/2010 3:35:33 PM

Congratulations Del D. from the USA!

The 'Black Diamond' entry from Hong Kong was a close contender. The name is imaginative, and compatible with other chinchilla mutation names of the past. However, due to the possibility of creating genotype confusion with the already named Blue Diamond hybrid, or with the Blue Diamond herd, we decided against 'Black Diamond.' But the name was an excellent suggestion and would have been very appropriate for a chinchilla mutation. We would like to acknowledge the Hong Kong entry for their very good suggestion:

Black Diamond, Hong Kong
10/25/2010 2:31:37 AM

And last, the ‘Furled’ entry from the USA was another close entry. The name, meaning to curl or roll was imaginative, easy to pronounce and fitting:

Furled Ebony
10/22/2010 7:38:27 PM

To view all participating entries click here.

Thanks again, to everyone who helped name the curly chinchillas!

The following prize was awarded to the winner:

3mm Slider Necklace with Chinchilla Millennia VI

The Chinchilla Millennia series was created by the highly skilled miniature sculpture artist Barbara Scott Fisher. Barbara Scott Fisher studied chinchilla conformation for several months in the process of creating this series. Her sculptures reflect the beautiful lines and aesthetic beauty of a well conformed chinchilla. Owners of the Chinchilla Millennia IV & Chinchilla Millennia VI sculptures should be well pleased with the fine details such as the unusual, anatomically correct footpads and delicate fur rolls around the ears. Chinchilla Millennia IV weighs 4.3 grams in sterling silver, and measures 13mm x 8mm x 8mm. Chinchilla Millennia VI weighs 3.3 grams in sterling silver, and measures 12mm x 7mm x 7mm. Chinchilla Millennia IV & Chinchilla Millennia VI will be offered in Sterling Silver Editions of 5,000 each. Each limited edition piece is insignia stamped, and comes with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


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