Information about Not for Show Chinchillas

Four to eight month old not-for-show quality chinchillas are always available for direct purchase. These chinchillas are equal in vitality and breeding soundness to our show chinchillas, but they lack one or more of the following attributes necessary to qualify as strong show prospects: conformation, veiling, color hue, size, and/or fur quality. We do not display actual images as we do with the show quality chinchillas, because most people want very young not-for-show chinchillas, and at this age chinchillas change considerably from the time they are photographed to the time they are actually purchased. Displayed below is a sample photograph of four young not-for-show quality chinchillas (clockwise from top left: beige, white mosaic, black velvet, standard).

The price schedule is as follows:

Standard Male $100
Standard Female $125
Beige Male $125
Beige Female $150
White Mosaic Male $150
White Mosaic Female $175
Predominantly White Male $150
Predominantly White Female $175
Standard (Violet carrier) Male $150
Standard (Violet carrier) Female $200
Black Velvet Male $175
Black Velvet Female $200
Pink White Male $175
Pink White Female $200
Standard (Sapphire carrier) Male $175
Standard (Sapphire carrier) Female $225
Standard (Goldbar carrier) Male $200
Standard (Goldbar carrier) Female $250
TOV Beige / Brown Velvet Male $200
TOV Beige / Brown Velvet Female $275
Extreme Mosaic Male $200
Extreme Mosaic Female $275
TOV White Male $200
TOV White Female $275
Homo Beige Male $200
Homo Beige Female $275
Violet Male $200
Violet Female $275
Sapphire Male $225
Sapphire Female $300
Ebony Male $300
Ebony Female $300
Tan Male $300
Tan Female $300
White Mosaic (Violet carrier) Male $225
White Mosaic (Violet carrier) Female $250
White Mosaic (Sapphire carrier) Male 250
White Mosaic (Sapphire carrier) Female $275
Violet & White Mosaic Male $300
Violet & White Mosaic Female $300
Ebony & White Male $300
Ebony & White Female $300
Tan & White Male $300
Tan & White Female $300
Ebony (Locken/Curly carrier) Male $300
Ebony (Locken/Curly carrier) Female $375
Extreme Mosaic (Locken carrier) Male $325
Extreme Mosaic (Locken carrier) Female $400
Ebony and White Mosaic (Locken carrier) Male $325
Ebony and White Mosaic (Locken carrier) Female $400
Wrap-around Violet Male $400
Wrap-around Violet Female $400

To purchase any of the Not for Show Chinchillas described above,
contact or call (785) 336-6833 - 10am-6pm CST M-F worldwide business to consumer auction of premium quality standard, mutation and hybrid chinchillas Visit our worldwide live Auction featuring the Ritterspach Premium Production line, the rare Royal Persian Angora, and a select group of exceptional quality chinchillas from among the United States' most respected breeders.

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