Blue Diamond Hybrid Chinchillas

Blue Diamond Hybrid Chinchillas

The Blue Diamond is a hybrid phenotype. It is a chinchilla which is homozygous for two 1960's recessive mutations; the Larsen Sapphire and the Sullivan Violet. Interestingly, the fur of the Blue Diamond chinchilla exhibits the translucent properties of the Larsen Sapphire, as well as the reflective properties of the Sullivan Violet, giving Blue Diamonds a unique luminosity. blue diamond chinchilla fur pigment distributionA contributing factor to this distinct look may be that the mutant sapphire genes cause the pigment within the hair shaft to clump together, allowing light to filter through the clear spaces in between. See the image to the left.

The Blue Diamond hybrid is an improvement over the straight Larsen Sapphire in two aspects; the hybrid is slightly heartier than the light boned Larsen Sapphire, and somewhat easier to improve in terms of substance and quality. The Blue Diamond also tends to be fairly docile in nature.

blue diamond chinchillaOccasionally, a Blue Diamond kit will appear with a notably light powder blue coloration. Some breeders attribute this characteristic to the color phase of the violet genes. Regardless, the result is an especially unusual and beautiful hybrid.

The Blue Diamond hybrid is perhaps a favorite among all sapphire hybrids. It is a hybrid which truly brings together the best of two distinct recessive gene mutations.

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