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Established at the dawn of the dotcom era, in the year 2000, set out to revolutionize the chinchilla industry by creating a non-pelting market for the highest quality chinchillas.

Standards of Chinchilla Care's facilities in the US exceed most expectations. They are designed so that all animals have natural daylight, and room to move and enjoy life...

Chinchilla Diet and Microbiome

The chinchilla’s number one line of defense against pathogens and disease is its own immune system, which depends strongly on nutrition and the chinchilla’s gut microbiome.

Chinchilla Color and Fur Mutations

Dominant chinchilla mutations, recessive chinchilla mutations, and unspecified chinchilla mutations by year of appearance.

Chinchilla Exercise Wheels

Chinchilla exercise wheels for maximum health and happiness...

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Intestinal Dysbiosis

A healthy chinchilla has a wide diversity of normally residing beneficial microbes in the gut...

Chinchilla Herd Foundation Guidelines

When the perpetuation of a domestic animal falls solely into the hands of a breeder, and is far removed from the laws of natural selection, the knowledge...

Mutation Hybrid Chinchillas

The number of possible mutation hybrid chinchillas is almost endless, including Blue Diamond, Pink White, TOV Beige, and Violet & White Mosaic Royal Persian Angora chinchillas....

Chinchilla Color Mutation Percentage Charts

Examples of the more common color mutation crosses and the expected percentages of offspring that will carry or exhibit the various colors...

The Royal Persian Angora Chinchilla - Originally Long Furred Type, 1966-1987

The Long Furred mutation of Roy Wilson was born in 1966. There have been at least three places that a long furred chinchilla has developed.

Temperament and Handling of Chinchillas

Chinchillas vary distinctly in temperament, and this should be taken into consideration before they are purchased, selected for breeding stock, or handled.

Chinchilla Hay, Feed, and Supplements

Chinchillas require a high quality chinchilla specific pellet, and clean dry grass hay like Western Timothy....

Chinchilla Dust

Chinchilla dust serves the important purpose of allowing chinchillas to stay clean, as they would in their native cold, arid environment.

Show Quality Chinchillas

The definition of show quality varies between countries. In the United States, chinchillas are judged against a breed standard....

Chinchilla Grading Terminology

A blocky chinchilla has a round body, and is wide through the neck and shoulders...

Chinchilla Ear Tags

The ear tag numbering system employs a year-letter followed by a number on one side of the tag, and sometimes...

Types of Chinchilla Cages

The most common types of chinchilla cages are hobbyist, breeding & holding, colony, and commercial chinchilla cages.

Chinchilla Dystocia and Cesarean - A Case Study

In the case of the female chinchilla in the xray above, this was a first time delivery. She was two years old. The female went into labor...

Chinchilla Malocclusion - A Polygenic Trait

Malocclusion ( mal, meaning 'bad,' and occlude, meaning 'to fit' or 'to align' ) is the misfit of the teeth.

Chinchilla Fungal Infections

One of the most common afflictions of the chinchilla is a skin fungus commonly known as ringworm...

Chinchilla Fur Chewing

Fur chewing, like malocclusion, tends to be hereditary and is likely a polygenic train, but it can also have environmental influences.

Chinchilla Photos

The database is an excellent resource for viewing thousands of chinchilla photographs. Newsletter Index

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Recommendations for new arrivals

This article contains advice for importers and recipients of air shipments, but much of the information applies to any new arrival.

International Chinchilla Exports and Domestic Shipping

Shipping Fee Schedule and Terms of Service for International Exports and Domestic Shipments

Chinchilla Purchasing & Guarantees

Show quality, specialty, and Royal Persian Angora chinchillas are for sale on the Auction and through the Sales Gallery. Special requests can be made by contacting...

Chinchilla Activities for Kids

Chinchilla Puzzles, Mazes, Word Search and Coloring Pages for Kids