Chinchilla Photos

Chinchilla Photos

The Auction database is an excellent resource for viewing thousands of chinchilla pictures. The database spans over twenty years and includes photographs and information on standard, color mutation, show quality, specialty, Locken / Imperial and Royal Persian Angora chinchillas.

Standard chinchillas

Predominantly white, white mosaic, and white hybrid chinchillas

Silver and silver mosaic chinchillas

Extreme white mosaic chinchillas

Unique white mosaic chinchillas

Heterozygous Tower beige, homozygous Tower beige, TOV beige / brown velvet, and other beige hybrid chinchillas

Pink White and other beige and white hybrid chinchillas

Gunning Black Velvet chinchillas

Gunning Black Velvet / TOV hybrid chinchillas

Royal Persian Angora chinchillas

Royal Imperial Angora chinchillas

Ebony and ebony carrier chinchillas

Ebony hybrid / wrap-around chinchillas

Sapphire, sapphire hybrid, and sapphire carrier chinchillas

Violet, violet hybrid, and violet carrier chinchillas

Tan and other ebony and beige hybrid chinchillas

Blue Diamond chinchillas

Locken and locken carrier chinchillas

Goldbar and goldbar carrier chinchillas

Dwarf / mini chinchillas

Proven show chinchillas



Other Chinchilla Photos

Brevicaudata Type
Standard Female (front)
Brevicaudata Type
Standard Female (side)
1st Place
Black Velvet Female
TOV Tan/Pastel Male
Color Champion
White Mosaic Female
Predominantly White Female
1st Place
Pink White Female
National 1st Place
Silver Female
Show Quality
Heterozygous Beige Male
Homozygous Beige Male
Homozygous Ebony Female
Charcoal (blue-brown) Female
Color Champion
TOV Ebony Female
TOV Ebony Kit
TOV Violet Male
Silver / Mosaic Female
Show Quality
Standard Female with Kit
Show Quality
Standard Female
Pairs Cages
Breeding Run Cages
Colony Cages
Colony of Standards