Lixit Water Bottle Kit GB-KIT-S 5/16"

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Chinchilla Water Bottle - Beverage Water Bottle Kit 
Lixit Model GB-KIT-S

Includes: 5/16" tube with stopper, mounting brackets & nut and bolt. For use with your own glass bottle.

  • Tube Size 5/16"
  • Premium Quality
  • Recycle Your Empty Glass Beverage Bottles
  • Wide mouth glass beverage bottles are easy to fill & clean
  • Engineered for Superior Performance
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick release spring bottle holder 
  • US Stainless Steel Ball-Point tube and mounting hardware. 
  • Special non-toxic rubber stopper
  • All components can be sterilized

Bottle not included.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Lixit Water Bottles  

Made in USA

  • UPC076711004507

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