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Item Price (USD) Bids Ends
 13078 Show Quality Tan ( Violet Carrier ) Female 1,000.00103/17 12:23:35PM
 13031 Reserve Class Champion, Class Champion, & Reserve Class Champion Tan Male3,000.00102/24 05:31:27AM
 12162 Premium Production Quality Tan Female 850.00110/25 09:55:55AM
 12185 Blocky Premium Production Quality Tan Female1,500.00109/05 04:00:00AM
 12164 Premium Production Quality Tan Female 1,000.00109/04 08:45:38AM
 12159 Herd Improvement Quality Tan Male 1,200.00106/29 01:32:34PM
 12084 Premium Production Quality Tan Female 1,500.00104/01 10:21:00AM
 HOT 12045 Large Premium Production Quality Tan Female5,290.006102/29 04:03:10AM
 11184 Premium Production Quality Tan Female 1,100.00101/16 02:31:56PM
 11252 Show Quality Dark Tan Male1,500.00101/04 04:00:01AM
 HOT 11172 Large Tan / Violet Male1,595.001410/12 03:22:57AM
 11126 Tan ( Locken Carrier ) Male755.00209/28 03:36:29AM
 10091 Tan Female 600.00112/08 05:18:50PM
 10090 Large Tan Female 700.00112/08 05:17:57PM
 10087 Tan Male 550.00112/08 05:15:50PM
 8099 Show Quality Tan Male 400.00111/21 10:04:44AM
 8113 Large Show Quality Dark Tan Female 800.00111/07 02:17:18PM
 8145 Large Show Quality Dark Tan Male 500.00111/06 01:44:09PM
 8104 Large Show Quality Dark Tan Female 1,000.00107/24 06:11:44PM
 8011 Dark Tan ( Violet Carrier ) Female 1,000.00102/07 11:24:43AM
 7204 Large Show Quality Dark Tan Female 700.00112/29 07:49:46AM
 7178 Show Quality Tan / Violet Hybrid Female500.00110/10 03:00:00PM
 7150 Large Tan Female500.00108/29 07:40:57PM
 6247 Show Quality Tan Female 350.00101/10 12:17:38PM
 6186 Show Quality Tan Female300.00111/29 08:00:38PM
 6171 Tan Female350.00109/13 07:20:57PM
 HOT 6036 Top Show Quality Tan Male510.002504/05 09:00:00PM
 HOT 5246 Medium Tan Female430.001004/05 08:30:00PM
 6022 Show Quality Tan Female 350.00102/26 03:49:53PM
 6025 Top Show Quality Dark Tan Male755.00202/22 08:40:31PM
 6007 Large Light Tan ( Violet Carrier ) Female500.00101/18 09:00:23PM
 5189 Show Quality Light Tan Female275.00111/05 07:40:43PM
 5220 Show Quality Tan Female500.00110/29 08:50:20PM
 5217 Top Show Quality Tan Male350.00110/29 08:30:43PM
 5213 Premium Production Quality Tan Female400.00110/22 08:55:10PM
 5036 Show Quality Tan Male250.00108/13 08:20:56PM
 5080 Light Tan Female250.00107/30 07:30:18PM
 5135 Herd Improvement Quality Tan Male300.00107/02 07:35:28PM
 5027 Premium Production Quality Tan Female525.00105/18 07:25:18PM
 5061 Top Show Quality Tan Female 300.00104/10 01:02:00PM
 5053 Tan Female250.00104/06 08:45:42PM
 5001 Show Quality Tan Female350.00101/26 07:05:00PM
 4335 Show Quality Tan Female350.00101/12 08:40:18PM
 4203 Show Quality Tan Female280.00210/30 08:30:00PM
 4236 Tan / Pastel Female225.00110/23 07:10:00PM
 4238 Top Show Quality Tan Male375.00109/18 08:10:12PM
 4197 Show Quality Tan Female365.00308/07 08:30:59PM
 4098 Show Quality Dark Tan Female500.00104/24 07:00:00PM
 HOT 4005 Showable Quality Tan Male
  BANNER! Ritterspach bred
136.005304/03 09:10:00PM
 3135 Show Quality Tan Male
  BANNER! Ritterspach bred
325.00101/10 08:40:00PM
 3112 Show Quality Tan Male375.00112/20 08:40:42PM
 3110 Show Quality Tan Female201.00312/20 08:10:00PM
 3069 Medium Tan Female350.00111/08 09:00:00PM
 3076 Show Quality Tan Male350.00111/08 08:15:00PM
 HOT 1925 Light Tan / Beige ( Ebony Carrier ) Male177.002309/27 08:40:00PM
 HOT 3009 Dark Tan Female300.011909/27 08:31:00PM
 2099 Show Quality Tan Female385.00309/20 09:00:00PM
 HOT 1931 Dark Tan Female780.002005/10 07:34:00PM
 HOT Lot 42 Proven Show Tan Male & TOV ( Ebony Carrier ) Female
  BANNER! Produce TOV Ebonies & Tans
381.004703/15 09:00:00PM
 HOT Lot 14 Show Quality Black Velvet & Tan Pair
  BANNER! Produce High Quality Hybrids
481.003311/23 08:00:00PM
 1655 Show Quality Ritterspach-bred TOV Tan Female
  BANNER! Produce High Quality Ebonies and Tans
350.00111/16 08:00:00PM
 1647 Champion Tan Male 300.00111/10 07:30:00PM
 1626 Tan Female
  BANNER! Showable Quality
350.00110/12 07:00:00PM
 HOT 1549 Show Quality Tan Female
  BANNER! Possible TOV
221.005709/07 07:15:00PM
 HOT 1396, Pastel / Tan Male
  BANNER! No Reserve / $1 first bid!!
114.00605/25 08:15:00PM
 HOT Hard to Find, Nice Quality, Extra-Dark Tan Female690.001405/18 08:03:00PM
  1401, Dark Tan Male PIC!
  BANNER! Homo Ebony / Hetero Beige
300.00104/13 07:45:00PM
  HOT 10303, Light Pastel / Tan Male PIC!
  BANNER! From Champion Producing Ritterspach Herd
201.001903/02 08:00:00PM
  HOT L1306, Tan Female PIC!
  BANNER! Should Mature to be Large
310.00611/20 07:15:00PM
  HOT L488, Tan Female PIC!338.333710/30 07:54:00PM

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