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2018 CCCU Royal Persian Angora Carriers

rpa carrier packages of three available at $750 per package
buyer may select one rpa carrier chinchilla from each category (A, B, and C)

Locken (rpa carrier) pairs are available for $750 per pair
buyer may select one Locken rpa carrier chinchilla from each category (D and E)

* chinchillas with an asterix are an additional $250
** chinchilla with a double asterix are an additional $500

Category A – rpa carrier males

Sold   June 2017 H308 * Dark Tan / quasi Locken M
    Dec 2016 645 Eb/Locken M
    Dec 2016 659 Ebony / quasi Locken M
    Mar 2017 161 Ebony / quasi Locken M
Sold   Aug 2016 F425 St (sp) M
    Dec 2016 651 Sapphire M
Sold   Feb 2017 74 Beige M

Category B – rpa carrier females

    April 2017 H224 Sapphire F
    July 2017 H363 Sapphire F
    April 2017 H222 Ebony (Locken) F - small with curl
    July 2017 H377 Ebony / quasi Locken F - hetero ebony, large size
    April 2017 H209 Ebony (Locken) F - dwarf
Sold   Feb 2017 H75 Beige F
Sold   Jan 2017 H46 Beige F
    Nov 2016 F604 Eb (Locken) F - mini with curl
    Jan 2017 34 Sapphire F

Category C – rpa carrier females

Sold   Dec 2016 F658 St F
Sold   Jan 2017 H44 St F
    April 2016 F234 St (sp) F
    Jan 2017 26 St (sp) F - ++
    Jan 2017 35 St (sp) F - ++
      F580 Hetero Ebony (Locken)
    Feb 2017 103 Sapphire F - (mini)

Category D – rpa carrier Locken Males

Sold   April 2017 H211 Ebony Locken M
    July 2017 H416 Ebony Locken M
    April 2017 H217 Ebony Locken M

Category E - rpa carrier Locken Females

Sold   May 2017 H256 Ebony Locken F
    July 2016 336 Ebony Locken F
    Nov 2016 537 Ebony Locken F


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