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Top: 1 Herd Improvement Male Chinchillas
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Expired Auctions Category: 1 Herd Improvement Male Chinchillas
Item Price (USD) Bids Ends
 4075 Top Show Quality Standard Male Chinchilla325.00105/01 09:00:00PM
 4102 Top Show Quality Ebony Male Chinchilla585.00304/10 07:11:00PM
 4081 Top Show Quality Sapphire Male Chinchilla585.00304/03 08:10:00PM
 4090 Top Show Quality Beige Male Chinchilla375.00104/03 07:40:00PM
 HOT 4055 Class Champion Black Velvet Male Chinchilla685.001103/13 07:00:00PM
 4029 Extreme Mosaic Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Reserve Color Champion
800.00102/21 09:00:00PM
 3133 Top Show Quality Standard Male Chinchilla345.00301/24 08:00:00PM
 3048 Top Show Quality White Mosaic Male Chinchilla 400.00111/22 09:40:16PM
 HOT 3040 Top Show Quality Ebony Male Chinchilla800.002310/11 08:17:00PM
 3030 Top Show Quality Black Velvet ( Ebony Carrier ) Male Chinchilla375.00110/11 08:45:00PM
 2001 Top Show Quality Homo Beige Male Chinchilla300.00108/30 08:45:12PM
 2055 Top Show Quality Beige Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Ritterspach Bred
280.00208/16 08:00:00PM
 1936 First Place White Mosaic Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Highly Desirable Body Spot
375.00107/26 08:30:44PM
 HOT 1943 Section Champion Violet Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Ritterspach Bred
791.00907/19 07:01:00PM
 1940 Reserve Section Champion Beige Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Ritterspach Bred
360.00306/28 09:15:00PM
 1967 1st Place Beige ( Violet Carrier ) Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! National 1st Place Male
280.00206/28 09:00:00PM
 1978 1st Place Standard Female Chinchilla
  BANNER! Ritterspach Bred
250.00106/21 07:16:00PM
 HOT 1886 National Reserve Section Champion Standard Female Chinchilla
  BANNER! 932 grams on 6-07-03
482.00506/21 07:02:00PM
 1954 Champion Black Velvet Male Chinchilla550.00106/14 07:45:00PM
 2010 Top Show Quality Black Velvet Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Brevi-type, Extra Blocky
550.00106/07 07:01:00PM
 1976 Reserve Section Champion Mosaic Male Chinchilla 
  BANNER! Top Show Quality
375.00105/17 09:15:00PM
 1972 Top Show Brevi - type Black Velvet Male Chinchilla 
  BANNER! Produce Super TOV Hybrids
400.00105/12 10:05:00AM
 HOT 1921 Sapphire & White Mosaic Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Top Show Quality
1,185.511305/10 07:04:00PM
 1874 Large National 1st Place Violet Male Chinchilla 
  BANNER! Improve Your Violets!
475.00105/12 07:45:00PM
 1877 National Color Champion Homo Beige Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Exceptional!
650.00104/26 07:00:00PM
 1845 ECBC 1st Place Violet Male Chinchilla500.00103/22 07:30:00PM
 1733 ECBC 1st Place Beige Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Top Show Quality
325.00101/11 09:15:00PM
 HOT 1732 Section Champion Violet Male Chinchilla360.00901/11 07:15:00PM
 1645 Blocky / Brevi Show Quality Standard Male Chinchilla325.00111/09 08:00:00PM
 1647 Champion Tan Male Chinchilla 300.00111/10 07:30:00PM
 1646 Reserve Champion Ebony Male Chinchilla425.00111/09 07:15:00PM
 HOT 1642 Extra Large Show Quality Standard Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Just under 1000 grams
370.951010/26 07:30:00PM
 1628 Champion Violet Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Class Champion
405.00210/19 07:30:00PM
 1618 Top Show Quality Heterozygous Beige Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Produce Top Hybrids
380.00209/28 07:30:00PM
 1568 TOV Silver ( with spotting factor ) Male Chinchilla 
  BANNER! Last time offered for sale!
725.00109/08 08:30:00PM
 1533 Top Show Black Velvet Male Chinchilla
  BANNER! Herd Improvement Quality
457.00408/24 07:30:00PM
 1416 Extreme SUPER White Mosaic Male Chinchilla 
  BANNER! 2002 ECBC National 1st Place Male
650.00105/12 08:00:00PM
 L326, Standard Male Chinchilla PIC! 
  BANNER! Improve Your Herd!
400.00104/21 05:14:00PM

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