Colorful & Natural Wooden Crafted Hayracks

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Colorful & Natural Wooden Crafted Hay Racks
Retail Value $50 (shipping not included)

This auction includes:

  • 3 - Colorful Hay Racks
  • 2 - Natural Finish Hay Racks

This toy is great for the chinchilla whose two favorite past times are eating and playing. These hay racks provide a great way to keep hay up off the floor so that it stays clean. Hay racks can be easily attached to the side of your chinchilla's cage using the included wing nut and fender washer.

Dimensions are 4.75" wide, 6" high, and 3.5" deep

Chinchilla's teeth continually grow, and wood toys can help the chinchilla to keep its teeth properly worn. Toys provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and a natural outlet for stress. We recommend rotating toys every week to maintain your chinchilla's interest and curiosity. We offer a wide range of toys to keep your chinchilla(s) constantly entertained.

We also encourage people to purchase a play center for their small pets. Play centers give chinchillas a safe place to play and hide, both in and out of their enclosures. Rabbits, and other members of the rodent family also love to chew and play.

Manufacture states all woods, dyes, and glues are safe and non toxic.

Colorful & Natural Wooden Crafted Hayracks

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